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Why robotics is hard



The victory of Deep Blue against Kasparov in 1997 is a typical milestone mentioned by artificial intelligence researchers. Playing chess as a symbol of intelligence was an early idea even mentioned by Alan Turing back in 1950, in the famous imitation game paper.

Chess game is even today used as a landmark to compare and explain difficulties in creating AIs or robotics projects. It is also worthy highlighting than in 1997 the RoboCup project started:

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Capture The Flag in class

#ctf #teaching


Some topics are hard to teach, security is typically one of them. I used to give some lectures about web security, and then do some supervised class work, but it was not very efficient.

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Notroot: install packages without being root

#bash #system


Sometime, you connect to a server and a library is not installed, or maybe you are a student in an university and you need to install some application that would take a snap using apt, but there is one problem… you are not root!

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Plater fills your 3D printer buildplate

#maker #3d-printing


3D printing is getting more and more popular and accessible those days. There is now a lot of printers on the market, great object communities and CAD softwares. Note that printing is still a long process involving human interventions.

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Plankton: a (pedagogical) 42-lines framework


In my opinion, one of the biggest feature of PHP is that it can both be used as a template system and a programming language. However, this may be a pedagogical issue because developers may be confused and mix paradigms.

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