Open source

Here is an overview of my GitHub repositories with some description.


  • Robot Soccer Kit
    • A robotics setup including low-cost holonomic robot, field and camera for tracked applications
  • onshape-to-robot
    • A tool to automatically translate your Onshape CAD robot to some URDF/SDF description file (see the blog post)
  • ForceFoot
    • Low-cost pressure sensors for small humanoid robots
  • Metabot
    • A low-cost quadruped robot

Electronics, DIY, Making

  • eFlute
    • A very incomplete electronic flute
  • esp32-shell
    • An embedded shell that can be used on ESP32 for development purposes
  • Plater
    • A tool to automatically place parts on a 3D printer bed (see hackaday article)
  • Projekt
    • A tool to convert STLs to DXFs for laser cutting (using CuraEngine as backend)


Forensic and hacking

  • notroot
  • fatcat
    • A tool to forensic FAT filesystems (FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32). It is now available as a debian package (apt-get install fatcat)
  • Mitm
    • A man-in-the-middle tool producing ARP Poisoining and allowing you to listen for forwarded packets in a network interface