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#php #tip

I faced a situation: I had an objects scene, containing a lot of objects referencing each other, and wanted to be able to take a snapshot of this scene and tweak it with the ability of “resetting” everything to a previous state.

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Formidable: PHP forms made simple

#php #forms


Forms are doubtless one of the most important part of writing a web application, because it deals with how the user interact with it.

Handling a form “manually” with pure-PHP is boring and repetitive, that’s why it’s really important to have a good form library to rely on (more than a templating engine IMO).

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Fun with fat

#fat #filesystem #forensic #fatcat

During the creation of the fatcat tool, I’ve experienced some fun filesystem hacks. That’s why I wrote this tutorial explaining some of them, and I released some disk images related.

Here, I will explain some of these images.

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fatcat: repair your fat filesystems

#fat #filesystem #forensic #fatcat


Recently I faced a problem that we’ve all met: a broken external hard drive. I think everybody already lost data this way, and we don’t always know what to do in this case. This is why I decided to explore the way of data recovery and try to figure out what it is possible to do to retreive as many things as possible.

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